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Have you ever wondered why you are what you are? Wondered about your strength and weaknesses? What are the life themes you encounter in you life? How do you mesh spiritually with people in your life? A reading by Skye can help answer these questions and more.

The custom art we offer is based on a Natal Chart as read by Skye. It incorporates animal symbols, flora symbols, color and spiritual traditions you feel are important and strike a deep chord.
The Visionary Portraits incorporate a reality based image of the Client with symbolism. Portraits may be done in a variety of media- Color Pencil, Watercolor or Oil paintings.
Each piece of art is custom made especially for you. Each one is created with a heart open to inspiration and an eye for lasting beauty.

Soul Song Portraits are a unique blending of Spirit guidance, individual expression and fine art. The rich world of symbols and archetypes are accessed through the medium of astrology and other mystic traditions to create a personal visual journey portrait, birth chart and/or hardbound custom book.

Birth Chart Reading—– the gifts of the inner self as it manifests in this lifetime. Please give accurate time, place and date of birth. Readings are preferably in-person. A cd can be included for you upon request and may be sent at a later date. $65 per hour reading.
The Wheel Chart is illustrated for you with a guide explaining the salient points . The client, Michelle and Skye will discuss specific life guidance, personal symbols and their special significance. Affinities to Spiritual traditions and intuitions are honored. $105
Intuitive portrait sketch (8 x 10 or larger)  is a simple graphite sketch done in person or from a photo. Unlike an ordinary reality portrait, it will draw on the intuition of the artist after an exploratory conversation. $45+
Soul Song Journey Portraits a fully realized portrait in various media (watercolor, color pencil, oil painting) will begin during the initial consultation and reading. Photographs for the portrait may be taken by the artist or submitted by the client. An original composition will be created incorporating appropriate aspects of the reading symbols to arrive at a beautiful expression of the inner self. $250+ depending on size and media
A hardbound illustrated book assembled to include the Birth Wheel and reading as well as the meaning of the symbols used in the painting. $150
•Clients may choose to have custom note cards made from their Soul Song Portrait.

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