Angel Miracles

My friend FatimaIssa sent this lovely set of experiences of Angel miracles which pointed the way to her becoming an Angel communicator. Do enjoy and if you’d like a reading from her email me and I will give you her contact.

What lies behind you and what lies in front of you pales in comparison to
> what lies inside of you”  ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
> Four Miraculous Angel Stories
> By Fatima Issa
> I believe in God and his Angels, and always have in my life. Angels are with
> us from the time of our birth into this world  and stay by our side until
> the time we transition back to our true home. Angels are ever ready to
> assist us with all things be they great or small in nature. We just have to
> ask them for their help and they are more than happy to oblige as long as
> the request is pure in intention and comes from the heart. Also, the request
> has to promote the well being of all involved for their greatest and highest
> good! Once the request is completed, remember to thank the Angels for their
> assistance. Gratitude is crucial. Throughout the years that God and Divine
> Angels have watched over me and my loved ones I have witnessed them perform
> many miracles in myriad ways, they continue to do so even today. These daily
> miracles are too numerous to mention in this article so I chose four
> powerful stories of Angels miracles which I personally experienced first
> hand.

> Story # 1″The Feather from Heaven”

I remember on a very difficult day I had at a job which I felt “Trapped In” and working for a nasty boss that was mean, cruel and heartless to all who worked for him. On this particular day
> he really made my life miserable and a living hell. I was upset beyond
> belief so, to get away from him, I had hauled a bunch of empty boxes to the
> trash dump right outside our offices. Just stepping away from the building
> into a beautiful sunny summer felt great. I took several cleansing deep
> breaths that made me feel wonderful and grounded instantly. Once I felt
> grounded a bit I reluctantly began heading back towards the building with
> disdain. As I was half way there with my mind spinning like a cyclone
> reliving the awful interaction with the “Mean and Nasty Boss” over and over
> again in my mind I suddenly felt an invisible force stop me dead in my
> tracks by putting immense pressure in the middle of my chest area (the Heart
> Chakra center). This startled me and I thought that I was imagining this
> whole thing so I backed away and then tried to proceed forward once
> again. The same “Invisible Force” stopped me one more time and this time it
> told me clearly to pick up a feather that was on the ground beneath my feet.
> I picked it up and went back to my office, put the feather in my bag and did
> not give it a second glance or thought. Several days later, when I was back
> to my old cheerful optimistic self, I rummaged through my bag and retrieved
> “The Feather”. To my delight and surprise, the first thing I saw right there,
> on the one side of the feather facing me and in front of my eyes was a
> picture of a beautiful female with long flowing hair looking back at me,
> This was stunning and simply took my breath away! Right away I knew this was
> my guardian angel. I thanked God and the Divine Being with all my heart for
> this priceless gift from heaven. I treasure this feather and carry it with
> me always as the precious reminder that it is!

> Story # 2″Angel Trip to Virginia Beach”

A lady named Kim O’Neill who is an Angel Communicator from Texas was presenting and event at the A.R.E. (Association of Research and Enlightenment) Center in Virginia Beach. I
> really wanted to attend this weekend event, but at the time I did not have
> the funds and time to go.  Also I wanted for my friends or family members to
> go with me because I did not like going to places alone. Nobody was
> available to go with me to the event, I sat down and asked God and the
> Divine helpers to make my attending this event possible if I were to work
> with the Angels as my life purpose. Then Lo and Behold, as if by Magic, a
> great miracle occurred which cleared all the obstacles standing in my way
> and preventing me from going. First, the money suddenly appeared (plenty of
> it for the trip). Second, my schedule magically cleared so I could go. Lastly,
> I ended up going all by myself and really enjoyed it. The cherry on top of the
> sundae came when I got upgraded to a suite with an ocean side view at the
> hotel for free! The Angels really wanted me to go and so did I!

> Story # 3″The Gift of a free Angel Card Reader Certification Class”

I scheduled an Angel reading session with and Angel messenger/communicator.
> Once the reading ended, they so generously gifted me a free “Angel Card
> Reader Certification Class”, which they taught as a two day class as their
> guest. The class is valued to be worth $ 500.00 and this miracle was a most
> welcome and appreciated gift of a lifetime directly leading to my becoming
> an Angel Card Reader!

> Story # 4 “Missed Auto Crash and Saved by God and his Angels!”

This story is the most miraculous of all! I say this because it is the reason why I am
> still here today breathing and alive! It was around 8-9 pm on a Friday summer
> evening. I was on my way to a distant relatives home with my cousin to
> pay our respects for the loss of their father. I was driving and none of us
> has been to their home before. The neighborhood they lived in was mostly
> country and not lit very well at night. Fortunately, I was driving slowly on
> the right most lane and, even though I was using the GPS navigational system,
> coupled with the lack of sufficient lighting the street name signs were
> for the most time impossible to see (especially for the the smaller side
> streets). We came to a crossroad and waited at a red light . Once the light
> turned green and I started to move forward, once again slowly with no other
> cars around. When I reached the middle of the crossroad out of the blue we
> witnessed a sports car (that ran a red light) approaching us like a torpedo
> from the right side. Both of us watched horrified and feeling helpless to
> hinder what was to be a fatal crash for all of us for certain. All I
> remember was having my entire existence flashing in front of my eyes and
> time somehow was suspended. Next thing we both knew was that we were safely
> delivered through what could have been a nightmare scenario where both of us,
> along with anyone in the other car, would have been fatally injured! It
> was a certainty that God’s divine helpers came to the rescue and provided
> the ultimate protection . Logically there was no way the mind could explain
> how we were able to miss that crash. By all means, in the human way of
> thinking, it should have taken place. Needless to say we were grateful and
> relieved beyond belief. Shaken up, for sure, but felt such an incredible peace once
> the initial trauma subsided.

Deep Nature

I have a lot to learn about writing a blog. Thankfully Michelle is a goddess incarnate and a patient one at that! I must tell you who read this that I experienced a sense of being exposed when I fully understood the nature of posting my thoughts. With my stellium in Scorpio I really hit a writer’s block. This is as it should be considering I am the one who reads birth charts for people revealing to them their own very deep natures.

Now, mind you, when I took my master’s in Counseling we had a commissioning ceremony and it made a deep impression on me—-the stuff I deal with is very sensitive and not meant to be shared without permission. Of course, with public figures or historical ones we can all google their charts now and study them as well as read what prominent astrologers have to say about it all. But my work is very private. And I need to tell you that I take that very seriously. I remember when I was working on my masters and I came to know in a visceral way how it felt to share my “stuff” with a counselor. I appreciated the experience because I knew how my clients might feel when speaking with me.

Lately I learned that the asteroid Orcus is conjunct– to the minute—my Uranus (planet of astrologers) trine my Sun.   I don’t usually read asteroids–but they are becoming more and more fascinating to me –especially the Goddess Asteroids. Yet here is Orcus another name for Pluto—god of the underworld– sitting smack on my Uranus! Now—I can hear the jokes and giggles which inevitably accompany any mention of the word Uranus to which I am adding a new word, Orcus, ( you mean, like whale??) Please, Lord Orcus, let only people who love astrology read my blog!

Pluto already figures prominently in my chart so this intensifies those aspects and as I interpret this, it explains my comfort with deep emotions and matters of life and death. I am comfortable between the worlds and no wonder.

It seems to me I am returning from the Underworld once again (think Pluto, Scorpio, 8th House, death and resurrection) to write once more, to have the honor of sitting with a wonderful Soul and peering into their blueprint for this incarnation, to once more remind you all of the eternal validity of your own Souls

Today I am thinking how wonderful it will be to see former clients and meet new ones at our upcoming events. I am thinking what it is like to profess myself as an Astrologer and while it is sobering its nothing the Lords of the Underworld can’t handle!