Angel Miracles

My friend FatimaIssa sent this lovely set of experiences of Angel miracles which pointed the way to her becoming an Angel communicator. Do enjoy and if you’d like a reading from her email me and I will give you her contact.

What lies behind you and what lies in front of you pales in comparison to
> what lies inside of you”  ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
> Four Miraculous Angel Stories
> By Fatima Issa
> I believe in God and his Angels, and always have in my life. Angels are with
> us from the time of our birth into this world  and stay by our side until
> the time we transition back to our true home. Angels are ever ready to
> assist us with all things be they great or small in nature. We just have to
> ask them for their help and they are more than happy to oblige as long as
> the request is pure in intention and comes from the heart. Also, the request
> has to promote the well being of all involved for their greatest and highest
> good! Once the request is completed, remember to thank the Angels for their
> assistance. Gratitude is crucial. Throughout the years that God and Divine
> Angels have watched over me and my loved ones I have witnessed them perform
> many miracles in myriad ways, they continue to do so even today. These daily
> miracles are too numerous to mention in this article so I chose four
> powerful stories of Angels miracles which I personally experienced first
> hand.

> Story # 1″The Feather from Heaven”

I remember on a very difficult day I had at a job which I felt “Trapped In” and working for a nasty boss that was mean, cruel and heartless to all who worked for him. On this particular day
> he really made my life miserable and a living hell. I was upset beyond
> belief so, to get away from him, I had hauled a bunch of empty boxes to the
> trash dump right outside our offices. Just stepping away from the building
> into a beautiful sunny summer felt great. I took several cleansing deep
> breaths that made me feel wonderful and grounded instantly. Once I felt
> grounded a bit I reluctantly began heading back towards the building with
> disdain. As I was half way there with my mind spinning like a cyclone
> reliving the awful interaction with the “Mean and Nasty Boss” over and over
> again in my mind I suddenly felt an invisible force stop me dead in my
> tracks by putting immense pressure in the middle of my chest area (the Heart
> Chakra center). This startled me and I thought that I was imagining this
> whole thing so I backed away and then tried to proceed forward once
> again. The same “Invisible Force” stopped me one more time and this time it
> told me clearly to pick up a feather that was on the ground beneath my feet.
> I picked it up and went back to my office, put the feather in my bag and did
> not give it a second glance or thought. Several days later, when I was back
> to my old cheerful optimistic self, I rummaged through my bag and retrieved
> “The Feather”. To my delight and surprise, the first thing I saw right there,
> on the one side of the feather facing me and in front of my eyes was a
> picture of a beautiful female with long flowing hair looking back at me,
> This was stunning and simply took my breath away! Right away I knew this was
> my guardian angel. I thanked God and the Divine Being with all my heart for
> this priceless gift from heaven. I treasure this feather and carry it with
> me always as the precious reminder that it is!

> Story # 2″Angel Trip to Virginia Beach”

A lady named Kim O’Neill who is an Angel Communicator from Texas was presenting and event at the A.R.E. (Association of Research and Enlightenment) Center in Virginia Beach. I
> really wanted to attend this weekend event, but at the time I did not have
> the funds and time to go.  Also I wanted for my friends or family members to
> go with me because I did not like going to places alone. Nobody was
> available to go with me to the event, I sat down and asked God and the
> Divine helpers to make my attending this event possible if I were to work
> with the Angels as my life purpose. Then Lo and Behold, as if by Magic, a
> great miracle occurred which cleared all the obstacles standing in my way
> and preventing me from going. First, the money suddenly appeared (plenty of
> it for the trip). Second, my schedule magically cleared so I could go. Lastly,
> I ended up going all by myself and really enjoyed it. The cherry on top of the
> sundae came when I got upgraded to a suite with an ocean side view at the
> hotel for free! The Angels really wanted me to go and so did I!

> Story # 3″The Gift of a free Angel Card Reader Certification Class”

I scheduled an Angel reading session with and Angel messenger/communicator.
> Once the reading ended, they so generously gifted me a free “Angel Card
> Reader Certification Class”, which they taught as a two day class as their
> guest. The class is valued to be worth $ 500.00 and this miracle was a most
> welcome and appreciated gift of a lifetime directly leading to my becoming
> an Angel Card Reader!

> Story # 4 “Missed Auto Crash and Saved by God and his Angels!”

This story is the most miraculous of all! I say this because it is the reason why I am
> still here today breathing and alive! It was around 8-9 pm on a Friday summer
> evening. I was on my way to a distant relatives home with my cousin to
> pay our respects for the loss of their father. I was driving and none of us
> has been to their home before. The neighborhood they lived in was mostly
> country and not lit very well at night. Fortunately, I was driving slowly on
> the right most lane and, even though I was using the GPS navigational system,
> coupled with the lack of sufficient lighting the street name signs were
> for the most time impossible to see (especially for the the smaller side
> streets). We came to a crossroad and waited at a red light . Once the light
> turned green and I started to move forward, once again slowly with no other
> cars around. When I reached the middle of the crossroad out of the blue we
> witnessed a sports car (that ran a red light) approaching us like a torpedo
> from the right side. Both of us watched horrified and feeling helpless to
> hinder what was to be a fatal crash for all of us for certain. All I
> remember was having my entire existence flashing in front of my eyes and
> time somehow was suspended. Next thing we both knew was that we were safely
> delivered through what could have been a nightmare scenario where both of us,
> along with anyone in the other car, would have been fatally injured! It
> was a certainty that God’s divine helpers came to the rescue and provided
> the ultimate protection . Logically there was no way the mind could explain
> how we were able to miss that crash. By all means, in the human way of
> thinking, it should have taken place. Needless to say we were grateful and
> relieved beyond belief. Shaken up, for sure, but felt such an incredible peace once
> the initial trauma subsided.