Deep Nature

I have a lot to learn about writing a blog. Thankfully Michelle is a goddess incarnate and a patient one at that! I must tell you who read this that I experienced a sense of being exposed when I fully understood the nature of posting my thoughts. With my stellium in Scorpio I really hit a writer’s block. This is as it should be considering I am the one who reads birth charts for people revealing to them their own very deep natures.

Now, mind you, when I took my master’s in Counseling we had a commissioning ceremony and it made a deep impression on me—-the stuff I deal with is very sensitive and not meant to be shared without permission. Of course, with public figures or historical ones we can all google their charts now and study them as well as read what prominent astrologers have to say about it all. But my work is very private. And I need to tell you that I take that very seriously. I remember when I was working on my masters and I came to know in a visceral way how it felt to share my “stuff” with a counselor. I appreciated the experience because I knew how my clients might feel when speaking with me.

Lately I learned that the asteroid Orcus is conjunct– to the minute—my Uranus (planet of astrologers) trine my Sun.   I don’t usually read asteroids–but they are becoming more and more fascinating to me –especially the Goddess Asteroids. Yet here is Orcus another name for Pluto—god of the underworld– sitting smack on my Uranus! Now—I can hear the jokes and giggles which inevitably accompany any mention of the word Uranus to which I am adding a new word, Orcus, ( you mean, like whale??) Please, Lord Orcus, let only people who love astrology read my blog!

Pluto already figures prominently in my chart so this intensifies those aspects and as I interpret this, it explains my comfort with deep emotions and matters of life and death. I am comfortable between the worlds and no wonder.

It seems to me I am returning from the Underworld once again (think Pluto, Scorpio, 8th House, death and resurrection) to write once more, to have the honor of sitting with a wonderful Soul and peering into their blueprint for this incarnation, to once more remind you all of the eternal validity of your own Souls

Today I am thinking how wonderful it will be to see former clients and meet new ones at our upcoming events. I am thinking what it is like to profess myself as an Astrologer and while it is sobering its nothing the Lords of the Underworld can’t handle!